We believe the chaplain of an Episcopal school has a most important role and responsibility as a spiritual leader. G.E. Andrews & Associates is equipped with the background, knowledge and experience to assist your school in hiring a chaplain with the right combination of personal faith, professional skills, and essential qualities and characteristics to serve as Christ's ambassador to the various constituencies within your school community.

Our search process is built upon three key areas:

Strong Relationships

Getting to know you and your school is our top priority. We take time to gain a thorough understanding of your school’s faith community and your chaplaincy requirements in order to guide your school through an effective and successful search process.

Focused Action

Knowing our clients well enables us to take a customized approach to developing an accurate position description and an effective action plan for identifying qualified candidates based on the school's specific needs and expectations.

Our Connections

We have a proven history in identifying and hiring chaplains. Our background in Episcopal education and chaplaincy is extensive, and we actively maintain a wide network of relationships with highly qualified candidates.