G.E. Andrews & Associates specializes in chaplaincy search and placement. Utilizing our connections, we assist and serve Episcopal schools in identifying and hiring capable and experienced people to serve as chaplains. We work with our clients to discern the role of the spiritual leader within their community, and we and guide them through the search process accordingly. Using leading research and our extensive contact network, we identify and present highly qualified candidates who posses the desired blend of knowledge, skills, experience, faith, and character.

The Reverend George E. Andrews II is committed to the ministry of chaplaincy within the school setting. With decades of experience in both roles, serving as Chaplain and Headmaster for both Episcopal and non-denominational schools, Rev. Andrews fully understands the importance of the chaplain's role and relationship to the head of the school. In addition to serving on the Governing Board of the National Association of Episcopal Schools from 1992-2000 (as Vice President from 1995-1996 and President from 1996-2000), he was the recipient of the Ruth Jenkins Award for Outstanding Service to NAES in 2004. Rev. Andrews has continued his involvement and commitment to Episcopal education by maintaining associations with key constituencies, enabling him to remain connected with the issues and trends in Episcopal school chaplaincy and to cultivate a wide network on behalf of chaplain search efforts.


The Reverend James R. Squire recently completed 38 years as Chaplain of the Episcopal Academy in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania.  Episcopal is a coed day school of over 1,200 students grades K through 12.  He was Chief Pastor to every constituency in the school.  Reverend Squire’s graduate degree in pastoral counseling enabled him to create an advisory program that uses psychological services to assist faculty in their role as advisors supporting students and their families.  He is an innovator who has promoted the use of programs of inter-faith mindfulness, bioethics, and positive psychology.  He believes the worship life of a school should be central to its ethos, and that student leadership in all faith programming is vital to affirming this position. He has developed a Chapel program that is clear about its Episcopal identity while embracing a diversity of religious backgrounds.  Reverend Squire has taught ethics for over 38 years and is frequently called upon by colleagues for guidance on how to deal with the myriad ethical issues that confront schools today. Reverend Squire has been the recipient of the Bishop William White Award for his exemplary service to the school.  He is its longest tenured Chaplain in over 200 years of school history.